• ca va bien bon aneversaire

  • bsr ca va tu es tre belle ?

  • Friendship, the word small in size large in significance in the meaning and content, is the most beautiful thing in the human relationship is also sublime, an expression of human connection and the splendor of the great masterpieces of integration and interdependence between human beings is also the essence of man and certified.
    It's a strong psychological association between two people, is a commercial transaction between two parties are sympathetic, and the price of love, cooperation, sincerity and mutual trust between the parties.
    That friendship is priceless and measured not by any measure, and weighed bushels Bay is the largest of all these things, one can not live alone and in isolation from others, but needs the help of a friend of his side, evil forms of poverty and human poverty friend slow when you choose a friend but the right reason and logic and understanding of flour.

  • Year 2011 is on the way
    "wish U"
    Soft as Silk
    Wite as Milk
    Sweet as Honey
    and Full of Love and Money